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Thomas Raith
08 April 2020 @ 11:48 pm
This is Thomas. But if you've got this number, you know who I am. Leave a message.
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Thomas Raith
01 July 2010 @ 12:00 am
Character: Thomas Raith raith_wraith
Canon: The Dresden Files
General: Still rather new to the village, though he's wandered about a bit. Currently intrigued by Meg Giry and has also gotten for himself a job at the Coiffure Cup working for Methos. No, it has not escaped him he used to own the same shop back in "his" world. Has also run into Desire of the Endless which...does not seem to be working out well for him.
Needs Threads With: Anybody that will talk to him, I s'pose. Especially if it involves him getting fed. Ahem.
Character: Jack Benjamin prince_playboy
Canon: Kings
General: Broods, a lot. Still hasn't found a job though we're tossing around a few ideas. Currently trying to avoid getting into soul-searching, uncomfortable conversations with David. This is not so easy, considering they share a room. Has made friends (so to speak) with Caleb Danvers. Is showing Kurt Hummel around in a very slow thread :). Needs to actually get out more.
Needs Threads With: David. Maybe Caleb? Uh, someone that will drag him out on the town?
Thomas Raith
03 September 2009 @ 08:23 pm
Six Impossible Things :: my thread
Thomas Raith
16 June 2009 @ 09:39 pm
continuing from here

Thomas hadn't spent a lot of time of late in that fancy apartment he'd gotten for himself but it certainly hadn't crossed his mind to get rid of the place. Even if it had a faint air of not-being-lived-in, it was still his, his own. Besides, it'd always had that air, even when he was in it every night.

And it was certainly a convenient place to return to with a more-or-less willing new acquaintance. So they got to know each other better. Right. Better without their clothes on, maybe.

"Well," he says, as he shows her in, "here we are."
Thomas Raith
15 June 2009 @ 07:43 pm
We all know how it works right? Pick a pairing, or name a character you want see or whatever. And I'll write a fic where they 'snuggle' and/or do whatever you request. And I make no promises on actually snuggling though? :D What? I'm just like that...

Thomas - raith_wraith
Derek - reluctant_ruler
Marek or Seteh - vermiliondesert

And if you know one of my others and want to request, feel free, I just don't feel like listing them all. :)

Request here
Thomas Raith
10 April 2009 @ 08:20 am
Big stuff happened for Thomas in Turn Coat. I'm not sure how I'll be playing him yet. Pretty sure I'll be going with canon-him, at least mostly. And...because of that? People who read him regularly (all two of you), let me know if you haven't read the book and don't want to be spoiled. Otherwise, I'll probably be posting for him without spoiler warnings.
Thomas Raith
She was gorgeous. Fit, tanned, perfect hair and makeup and with clothes like that she probably had a personal shopper. But even more than those things, what drew him to her was simple. She wanted him.

They shared a glance across the lobby of a far-too-expensive hotel and he smiled when he saw her step falter, slightly, and her cheeks color. He stood by the front desk in a courier's uniform as he waited for the clerk to take his delivery. He should have been all but invisible to these so-called elite of Chicago. Anyone else would have been.

But Thomas could have been dressed like any bum off the street and still drawn the eye of almost every woman in here...Collapse )

character: Thomas Raith
fandom: The Dresden Files (books)
wordcount: 1650
partner: OC and Justine (based off canon history)
time: some point between Blood Rites and Proven Guilty
Thomas Raith
17 March 2009 @ 07:00 pm
He was doing something he'd been sure for far too long would remain always impossible for him. He was lying in bed with his arms around Justine, skin to skin, with no unpleasant side-effects. There was a certain amount of effort that lay with suppressing Justine's protection so that this was possible, but he'd grown capable enough to handle it over the past few months to the point where it had become nearly automatic. It even worked while he slept.

She was sleeping, her breathing steady and a smile on her lips. Even now, after all this time, Thomas was still amazed to have her again. To truly be with her. So of course he could be forgiven his dalliance with her. For a moment, he scowled slightly at the intruding thought. Thomas wasn't yet ready to be Thomas Raith, Winter Knight, again. Let him remain simply Thomas Raith for another minute or three. Better yet, merely Thomas. Thomas with Justine, the woman he loved.

Loved enough he'd do all sorts of terrible things to keep her safe.

The thought was in his head now, though, reminding him he had other duties to attend to as much as he'd prefer to remain here. Thomas sighed and brushed a gentle kiss over Justine's forehead. That gesture was as good as speaking three words he was, even now, hesitant to say. Only then did he slowly extricate himself from the bed, ensuring she'd remain asleep as he did so. With luck, he'd return before she woke.

He wasn't superstitious, precisely, but that didn't stop him from knocking the bed's headboard anyway, just in case.

Quickly, Thomas dressed and left the apartment after one glance back to the woman still sleeping peacefully on his bed.

He had a job to do.


He should have knocked more wood.

The task had been simple enough. Retrieve a certain object from a certain group of mortals who held it in a rather well-protected vault. Well protected in both the physical and magical senses. Plan A had involved equal combinations of charm and guile. If it had worked, he would have been invited into the vault and from there if something had made its way into one of his pockets...well, that was purely accidental, of course.

Unfortunately, Plan A hadn't worked. They saw him coming. Recognized him for what he was. Both vampire and Winter Knight. And Thomas had rarely been very good at charming male fanatics pointing semi-automatic weapons in his face.

The idea here had been to avoid open conflict and so Thomas had found himself moving on to Plan B. Plan B was a little more convoluted but likely should have been his first move. At least it wouldn't have tipped hem off immediately to who was interested in their vault. He'd obviously been around Harry too long if he'd tried the more direct approach first.

It hadn't been difficult to entice, through various roundabout means, a talented mortal thief with a penchant for magical items into trying to steal the artifact for herself. In fact, he'd already laid the threads and groundwork for that one before he'd let himself be a little distracted by Justine. Easy enough to set in motion when Plan A failed horribly. Easy enough to make it appear to be coincident to his own interest in the place.

Too bad there wasn't enough left of the thief to fill a cigar box when they were finished with her. At least he could rest easy knowing she couldn't have told them who sent her on this job since she had managed to convince herself it was all her own idea. He'd worry about uneasy rest over causing her death later.

At this point, he went back to the drawing board. The group wasn't supposed to have this sort of power, despite the artifact they held. Relative pushovers, really, Thomas should have been able to handle them even without the whole Winter Knight gig.

Obviously he'd been wrong. They had a patron.

A rather powerful patron, it turned out, and one who came to have a few words with him about kindly leaving his vault alone lest Thomas' queen suddenly find herself looking for a new Knight.

Thomas never did take to threats well.

It would be polite to say they had a disagreement. That got rather loud and messy.

Thomas was still cleaning dragon's blood out from under his fingernails when he arrived back at the vault and announced his ownership of it by dint of trial by combat. No one argued with him this time and no one was stupid enough to try semiautomatic weapons again.

That, at least, was the good news. He got what he came for. Even if the bad news was it had taken three days longer than he'd anticipated.

Simple little job, his perfect ass.

"And now," he announced to an empty hall, "her Ladyship can't even seem to grace her Knight with her presence." Maeve being nowhere to be found or at least no one in Faerie seemed to know where she was at the moment. Well, no one he cared to ask, anyway. Thomas certainly wasn't going to go before Mab if he didn't have to to find out where her daughter was.

"The Lady can't do such a thing if she's gone to her Knight's home now, can she?" asked someone behind him. Not such an empty hall, then.

Thomas turned to see Jenny Greenteeth smiling prettily at him, but no less dangerous for all she was pretty. "Oh, did she?"

"Indeed she did," Jenny affirmed.

He looked at her appraisingly, "and left you here as the messenger for me, mm?"

Jenny's eyes widened perhaps a bit too theatrically, "and couldn't I have stayed of my own will to help you?"

For a long moment, Thomas looked at her before smiling, baring white teeth, "No, you couldn't." He bowed slightly, "but it seems I have other places to be." And before the Sidhe could make any other comment, he took his leave.

Home, then.

[continued here]
Thomas Raith
They say you never forget your first time. They're certainly right about that. I wish I could forget her, sometimes. But that would just be too easy. And I shouldn't forget. I guess if I ever do, that just makes me even more like them.

She wasn't beautiful. Well, she was to a boy in the throes of his first crush but...she was cute. Blue eyes, long blonde hair, and a body she was still growing into. That was okay, I was still growing into mine too. Remembering her now, she looks so young. I can't even imagine what she might have looked like as a full grown woman. She probably would have been beautiful.Collapse )

character: Thomas Raith
fandom: The Dresden Files (books)
wordcount: 733
partner: OC (based off canon history)
Thomas Raith
23 January 2009 @ 10:29 pm
It's funny how easy it is to get in a rut. Even when you're sort of technically a supernatural creature of the night.

Or whatever.

Or maybe especially because, to hear Harry talk about the difference between humans and the creatures who only sometimes looked like them.

Thomas has a routine now. Get up, do all the morning ablutions, make sure his hair is just so, pick out his ensemble to wear for the day, drive on down into work. And maybe there, in the salon, he plays a role, but it's just a job. The same job he goes to every single day. Smile and gossip and do the ladies' hair and steal just enough of their souls to keep on going. Madness isn't something he wants to experience firsthand. Neither is starvation.

Sure, every now and again something happens that throws things out of whack. Usually it's something his brother is right in the middle of. Crazy necromancers, crazy faerie queens, crazy vampires, crazy fallen angels. A whole lotta crazy, actually, now that he thinks about it. And we're back to that madness thing again.

But even with all of the excitement, Thomas' day to day life is...pretty normal. Kind of boring. Even if it is a double life.

That, for a Raith, is par for the course. He's got siblings who play at seven different lives before breakfast.

Okay, maybe only three.

The point is, he tells himself, he doesn't have it bad. Nice apartment in a nice neighborhood, nice car -- when Harry isn't ruining it -- and a nice job with nice people. He's supporting himself which he couldn't have said for most of his adult life. It's a good life. And sometimes he even gets to help people.

But when he comes home more nights than not, tosses something frozen in the microwave to eat, and finds himself staring at a single white knit scarf he's left hanging on his coat rack, he knows. Something's missing. Someone.

He'll stare until the microwave's timer goes off before he shakes himself out of it and goes over to retrieve his dinner a la Healthy Choice. And so he sits down and eats. Merely to keep going, he doesn't even taste the food. He should, he mutters to the empty room, put the scarf away. He's nearly brushed into it more times than he can remember. It's warmed up outside, anyway, he can't wear it anymore.


Every so often, as he passes by, he thinks he can smell her.

Maybe he'll put it away later.

character: Thomas Raith
fandom: The Dresden Files (books)
wordcount: 416
partner: Justine (canon)
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